The first edition of Dr John's Underground Magazine is out now and can be downloaded Here Free but donations are encouraged. It's a great read and Conspires To... get a mention which is awesome!! This website also contains all of our albums for download too, so go and fill your boots.


Work has started on a video for Pioneers from Terra Nova. In this still Scott and Oates are planning their route over a nice glass of red. We did a number of shots last night and have sent them to Kym's son who is putting something together for us. Very exciting and nice not to have to do things all ourselves.


Terra Nova is complete. The new prog rock album written by myself and Kym Blackman and following the travels of Captain Scott on his ill-fated trip to the South Pole. I am happy to announce that the album will be released via Dr John's Surgery records very soon.


My new solo album Encounters Part 1 is in the final stages of mixing. Hopefully it will see the light of day before the end of the year. It's been a real labour of love and was all written during my darkest time. It about UFOs and alien abductions, and on reflection this was probably me desperate to escape my own life at this time. Life is very different these days I am pleased to say. Anyway this is the album artwork, painted by the very talented Mac Skilton.


First song from Carleton Van Selman called England has been released on youtube. It features yours truly on guitar, bass and drums, and handling the production duties. Great song and I love the way ity has turned out. Kym Blackman has done a great job on Vocals too.


Conspires To - Descending

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Lee Macey - 13 Trinity Drive

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Super productive night tonight. Kym came over and put down some vocal ideas for two more of Carleton's songs, both are going to be belters! We also finished lyrics on the song Terra Nova, as well as continued it on it's musical journey. I think the first four songs are now more or less written so we are going great guns.


Bit short of time tonight but still managed to squeeze in a few minutes. I am working on another track of Carleton's, this time an instrumental. I am approaching this one a bit differently. It is definitely a classical sounding piece, so I am writing it in Guitar Pro first more of a theory exercise, and then learning to play it afterwards. I have done this a number of times before and have ended up writing music I would never have written on the guitar. This track seems perfect for this approach. Lets see how it turns out.


Finished mixing Window this morning. On to another belter called England next, probably my favourite Carlton track so far. Kym has done a brilliant job on the lyrics and melody for this. It's a guitar heavy tune as Carltons keyboard riffs really suited a cranked up guitar, and I have a nice Marshall sound on it thanks to the Kemper Profiler. A lot of fun to play. The music and vox are all recorded, just need mixing I think. More work on Terra Nova too, with flute going down on the opening track which is an instrumental Kym and I wrote called 'The Sea'. It's a gentle piece that sets up the themes for the rest of the album. I had written the beginning on acoustic guitar in around 2005, and Kym had written a piano piece a whilst ago then blended with it perfectly. I am definitely enjoying exploring other instruments on this album, having to consider things like breath is something you don't really think about on guitar. I also had a flash of inspiration for the melody and lyrics for the title track to Terra Nova, so recorded them too. It's been a productive day! I went to see the Rockavox Choir last night in Swaffham church as Liv was singing with Minivox. It was brilliant! Liv sang a solo part and I was immensely proud of her. It motivated me to crack on with the Encounters album that I have shelved for the last few months. Liv had sung backing on the first track and it added a new dimension to what I was doing. Liv does not sound 12 years old at all, she has a great voice and it blends really well with mine. I have some time off at Christmas so a few days in the music room and we should have Encounters part 1 nailed. It's a triple album by the way, but more on that later. I also found the sound of a choir in a church inspiring too, maybe there will be room for s choir in something in the future.....why not?


Got the bass down one of Carleton's tracks today call 'Window' today, it's a corker. Mixed Kym vox on it too and they are sounding pretty tasty. Didn't have a lot of time but was super organised and got stuff done without distraction. Should have some more time tomorrow. Tonight is more work on this web site.


More Terra Nova tonight. It's gone full on prog with flute, organ, piano and vibraphone. I have been building on what I did last night fleshing out bones. I have warbled some vocal ideas and Kym is coming up with some lyrics. Be interested to see where this goes.
In more news, Dr John's Surgery Records is releasing another Christmas compilation album shortly which will include a Conspires To.. track, not sure which one yet. We'll have to wait and see.


Guitar night tonight. Been working on the title track to Terra Nova, it's a getting very progressive!! I have been putting down some intricate acoustic guitar pattern, and then plugged in the telecaster. I love writing music where you just let it take you somewhere, with no preconceived idea, no particular scale in mind, just let your fingers go. I turned out pretty cool. I then played a solo over part of it, again on the telecaster, but this time without a pick. I find I am able to get a lot more feeling into things this way, and have been doing this a few times on Carlton's tracks. Great to try new things.


It's been a really busy few days getting some more content together for this website, loads of extra info and songs coming soon. Tonight me and Kym have been recording vocals for Carleton's album. Three more in the bag, so I need to crack on with the mixing now. It's sounding really good, with some really excellent songs. We were also working on Terra Nova tonight, where we completed a short musical interlude that Kym played on the guitar, very atmospheric and perfect for the album.


Today I started to clear my Grandad's house as he has passed away recently, and I stumbled over these two Static demo tapes from 1996! I was amazed that he still had them as he was not a fan of this style of music at all. Can came to one Stati gig once and said it was so loud he could feel it coming up through his feet! Mission accomplished!!


More work on Carleton's stuff tonight, tentatively call Project CVS or The CVS Project or any other combination of those words and letters. I had recorded some of Kym's vocals a couple of weeks ago in the place where Station Island rehearse, but unfortunately they sounded like he was singing in a wardrobe!! Fortunately my garden room (which sounds a lot grander than is it) sounds like Abbey Road, so we re-recorded two of the songs earlier in the week. Tonight I mixed one of the songs, let's see what the guys think.


Station Island's debut album Light is out now at Spotify


Station Island's debut album Light is out now at Amazon


I have been working with Carleton Van Selman of Mojo Preachers in recent months on a collection of songs very different to what I usually do. I was introduced to Carleton via Kym who is singing on this project, and was asked if I would produce the album for them. Carleton is a very talented keyboard player and I loved the ideas they had sent me. One thing led to another and I ended up doing the drums, guitars and some bass. So tonight Kym is coming over to put down vocals on two tracks.


Loads going on at the moment! Tonight I was working on the title track to a prog rock opus I am writing with Kym Blackman called Terra Nova. It is a concept album about Scott's expedition to the South Pole. Tonight I was working on title track getting down and idea for a verse, mostly acoustic with a bit of rock organ. It's coming along nicely, we have 5 or 6 ideas at this stage. I am reading Robert Falcon Scott's Journals for inspiration. Those guys were rock hard....or mad!!!