Static - Witness To Demise
Kym Blackman
Martin Patterson
Dean Pettitt
Lee Macey
Nigel Tungate

Finding a drummer was a nightmare! I remember us auditioning loads of drummers, most of who were terrible. This went on for close to a year and was pretty disheartening. We found a singer first. Dean knew Kym via Head in the Clouds, and I think Kym had painted a backdrop from Ragnarok or something, their paths had crossed anyway. Kym joined as vocalist, but also played keyboards and we were getting into Dream Theater at the time so though that keyboards would be cool. It really transformed what we were doing. Kym knew Nigel from from a previous band Jade Veil, he joined soon after an had a style that took us in a completely different direction too.

We went into full prog mode for this one. It was great working as a band and creating these songs together. We all had pretty diverse influences, and they all poured into what we were writing. Witness to Demisewas a new idea heavily influenced by Dream Theater's awake album. Faces of Fear was a reworking of a song by Dean that featured on their first demo tape they gave me before I joined the band. Both pieces of music were long and with lots of changes, proper progressive!

Again we went into Purple Rain Studio in Great Yarmouth and spent the weekend putting down the tracks. We were a lot more prepared this time around (well most of us), and things went down pretty easy. Once these songs were complete, along with the material from the first demo and a few covers thrown in we started gigging. Our first gig being at Saxmundham village hall...Rock n' roll!!!!!

We continued to gig and write more songs, and Dean became less involved in the process, and was losing interest. We decided to continue as a four piece shortly afterwards.