Static - Threshold
Kym Blackman
Martin Patterson
Lee Macey
Nigel Tungate

We forged ahead with writing after the recording of Witness. Kim, Pat and I were heavily influenced by Kings X at the time, especially the Gretchin Goes To Nebraska album. I am not sure you can really hear it, but it was definitely in mind whilst we were writing.

Reborn and Seduction were jammed out in a rehearsal room in Lowestoft (in a room next to the Darkness!) and were real collaborative efforts. Only having one guitar changed the dynamics somewhat and Kym's keyboards became more prevalent giving us an even more progressive sound. One Day, One Life was written in Kym's lounge. I had the idea for the guitar parts, Pat added a great bass line that night, and Kym pullout some lyrics he had written years ago that fitted perfectly. It's probably the quickest song we wrote, and the only Static song that I sang backing vocals on. Anubis was my favourite song that Pat had written. It was on the original demo that Pat and Dean had given me before I joined the band. It took us 4 years to doing anything with it but I loved the way it turned out. The keyboards really adds to the Egyptian feel and the few lines sang at the end really closed things off well. This song was our gig opener for the rest of the gigs we played. Much to my dismay as it was pretty quick and tricky for an opener! Book of Change was one of Kym's and was the set closer for the remaining of our gigs. We played this almost faithfully to how Kym had written it with the exception of the end where all band members took a few bars for a solo, always trying to out do each other, great fun. Kym loved Usurper and wanted to have another go at recording this. The keyboards also gave this old song a new flavour.

Recording happen at Purple Studios in Norwich, and must have been over a couple of weekends. I seem to remember things going well and the tracks going down quite quickly. Being sole guitarist I had a lot more to do, but double tracking your own guitars is a lot easier and the result was a much tighter sound. I had also worked out all my solos before going into the recording process, which speeded up things.

We did a number of gigs after this EP but cracks started to appear, and the band collapsed shortly afterwards. It would be almost 20 years before I would play music with Kym again. In the meantime Pat and I had other plans.