Razorback - Razorback
Dean Pettitt
Lee Macey
Martin Patterson
Carl White

After the implosion of Static, Pat and I set about writing a new set of songs, but this time less complex and more heavy. We were influenced by Metallica's Load album, COC and Life of Agony at the time, not that we sounded like any of that, but that was the vibe we were going for.

Dean came back on the scene but this time as vocalist and I remained the sole guitarist. Nigel left pretty soon into the project and was replaced with Carl White who had played with Pat and Dean before. A very different drummer to Nigel, Carl was a lot more rock and perfect for what we were after. We called ourselves Razorback after a 1980's Australian horror film. Songs came thick and fast, with Pat and I writing mostly together. We booked into Purple Studio and record a 4 x track EP.

This is probably my least favourite recording, not because of the songs but the guitar sound and playing. I seemed to be having a real off day. On two of the songs the guitars are out of tune and I played most of it like a gibbon!! Shame really as I really like Dean's vocals on this. Although I do blame him for the guitar sound, as he told me to "wind the distortion down to make us sound heavier". Yeah that did n't work! Also everything sounds like we are playing them much too fast.

We played a few gigs as Razorback, which were always good fun. We were wearing boiler suits live before Slipknot! But it was a short lived band. It is a shame we didn't record more of the songs, I have some practice recordings with some of the tracks on it, I'll have to dig them out. Interestingly I took the opening riff from Rise and slowed it down as used it for the intro and chorus to the Station Island song These Lies some twenty year later!