Station Island - Light
Lee Macey
Guitars, Lead Vocals & Keyboards
Kym Blackman
Bass, Background Vocals & Keyboards
Dave McGrane
Record Label

The idea for Station Island started in late 2013, and was really kicked off by my desire to go out and play live again. I started with a simple few song ideas (Hands to the Bone and This is the Sound amongst them), and planned to only play guitar. I jammed along with various bass players and drummers, and dabbled with a couple of vocalists, but nothing that really gelled.

I was back to the drawing board, when in 2015 I decided to get in contact with Kym Blackman from the old Static days. Kym was a bassist by trade and a singer, so there were options. We got together with a drummer friend and things started to come together really quickly. At this point I was singing in order to demo the songs to Kym and allow him to concentrate on creating his bass lines. It was when I had sung Kym I Don't Need This that he suggested that I should take on the lead vocals. I was pretty reluctant to start with but it made sense as the songs were very personal to me, so it made sense for me to do it. It was all pretty nerve jangling but Kym gave me the confidence to throw myself into it. Having never sung and played guitar before it was a real challenge to start with but once you get the hang of it then it's not too hard.

This is when the drummer carousel started up!!! We went through quite a few, but none were right until Dave McGrane rocked up. He turned up at rehearsal and blasted through Hands To The Bone

the best it had been played. Dave joined at the end of March 2016 and Station Island was born! I went into writing overload at this point, and with the guys input we selected and arranged 17 songs over the next year, playing our first gig in May 2017.

We had a good run of gigs, especially the nights at Gringos that were mental and great fun, but unfortunately Dave decided to leave the band in 2019, but not before he had laid down all the drum tracks for all 17 songs.