Floodlund - Planet Yesterday
Will Brown
Vocals on Tracks 1 & 3
Neil Robertson
Acoustic Guitar
Vocals on Track 2
Lee Macey
Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Rob Workman

Give three dreamers with minimal to non-existant musical talent a couple of guitars, a mic, and a Fostex 4-track recorder and they will become rockstars! Or so we thought. Between the three of us we managed to cobble together three song ideas with that equipment which we wanted to record properly in a studio, so we got some money together by doing car boot sales selling sack fulls of coat hangers and boxes of tat bought from the Beccles sale room. I was doing some voluntary work at Purple Rain Studios in Great Yarmouth during the weekends to get some experience at the time so probably got a discount for some studio time.

To say we were ill prepared was an understatement! We had never played the songs with a drummer, had no idea what we were doing for bass, struggled to play the songs from start to finish, but we had blind optimism, and that's all that was needed.

We recorded the 3 x songs in 2 x days. We roped in Rob Workman to play drums an he busked his way through the songs. I thumped on the root notes for the bass following the guitars as I had no idea what I was doing. Will improvised some harmonica stuff. We ended She's a Devil ended abruptly because we had not recorded the music properly and we had too many words. I was a bit of a car crash, but I seem to remember us all being pretty happy with the results at the time.

I listen to it now with a smile and some very good memories of an exciting time. We never wrote any more music after this, and never played any Floodlund songs live....which was probably for the best! This experience did two things though. It made me want to make more music with more people, and made me want to dive into much heavier music!

Metal was calling and I needed a new challenge.