Lee Macey - 13 Trinity Drive
Lee Macey
All Instruments & Vocals
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In the mid 90's I started to write a story that I envisioned becoming a book. I would get it published, become a millionaire, job done. I planned out the story down to the content of the chapters, and made a good start, but like most things I started at this time it never got finished. Fast forward 20 odd years to 2017 and I happened upon my part written book, but more importantly the outlines for the chapters, which looked very much like outlines for songs. At that point the concept for 13 Trinity Drive was born.

I had initially been inspired by a old cottage in Cornwall that I used to spend time at with my family a a kid, and my love for all things paranormal. The story was about a couple who wanted to start a family so needed a bigger house, but had no money. They then spot a house in the paper that they feel instantly drawn to. They make some enquiries and discover that the house has been empty for a while, they therefore make a speculatively low offer and subsequently buy it. Little do they know that the house is drawing them in. They soon realise that something is 'off', and at this point the activity really ramps up culminating in them seeing the Shadow Man. In desperation they call on the help of demonologist to cleanse their house. However the guy they hire is a con-man with no belief in the paranormal but happy to take their money. Things do not end well for him. The couple realise that they have to sort this themselves but they can overcome the negativity of the presence via love.

The album was a labour of love for a long time, and being my first solo album I had a lot of anxiety about getting it released. I felt that I had been ambitious with the vocals and at this point the Station Island album had not been released, so I had release nothing that I was singing on. This was a psychological barrier that had yet to be broken through. It was only at the point that I was creating mix 22 of certain songs that I realised that I was sub-consciously delaying the inevitable. It was only after I had released a couple of Station Island songs on EEZY2 that I finally bit the bullet and sent it to the record company.

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